Postcard Project

 Some of the postcards we have received so far….

Some of the postcards we have received so far….


We want you to be part of our


Create postcard sized art (4x6) in any medium that reflects your spirit and dreams as a survivor. Memorials to loved ones and messages of hope and healing are also welcome. Send it to us by January 1, 2019.

***draw ***paint***write a message***make a collage!

As postcards arrive, we will share them on our social media pages @yourartyourstory and website. Postcards will displayed to Arizona lawmakers at State Capitol on American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Advocacy Day (2019) and featured in a future art exhibit. More details coming soon…

On the back of your postcard, let us know how to reach you by email. We want to credit you when we post the work online and we want to contact you with details about 'The Future Art Exhibit.' We can't wait to hear from you!

Mail postcards to: 


PO Box 44875

Phoenix, AZ 85064