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Who We Are


Suicide is a growing epidemic in the U.S. with over 47,000 people dying by suicide each year.

Your Art Your Story exists to support families and children affected by suicide and provide opportunities to heal through art and community.

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What We Do

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We are proud to be a resource for suicide survivors and help people understand the many ways they can support suicide survivors.

We develop programs to benefit suicide loss survivors, and attempt survivors, during their recovery from trauma.

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We sponsor free art workshops for suicide survivors in partnership with the Arizona Artists Guild and other community partners. To see photos from art workshops, visit our
gallery page. Learn more about our approach here.

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To support the development of creative arts support groups, we offer a free resource on our website:
“Healing Through Art: Starting an Art Program for Suicide Survivors Toolkit.”

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What People Are Saying

“It is healing to express my pain and love toward my daughter through art work. It is bitter-sweet moment, but it is also a great time to find joy of life again. I am grateful to find a place to honor my daughter’s life.”
“The art program provides a safe place to share with others or to JUST BE with others.”
“Your art program has changed my life because I am not alone trying to find an answer to the sadness that has occurred within me. We better express our feelings and can talk about what we have hidden within our thoughts after we see what we have created.”
“The art program puts our minds on a creative level, making objects we can take home and say ‘I feel really good about making this’. This program really helps our sorrow.”
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